It’s about time! Great rural village internet is possible. After poor attempts from some of the “leading” providers, we had to look into other options. I can honestly say that High Speed Rural have been absolutely amazing, a company that truly care about their customers and the customers connection speed, from easy ordering, swift no complication installation, excellent customer service to fantastic internet service, incredible download speeds, compared to the 1-2mb we were getting. Well done High Speed Rural!


This has been the best Broadband experience for us. We were tied into a contract with BT but the speeds were dire. When the opportunity came around and we realized we could try a new internet service (this one), we quickly jumped on board. We’ve had no issues! When something is down (which is extremely rare) and is usually the network, not the router etc, the owner directly contacts us. We love the customer service and we adore the internet speeds we can have while living in the countrside.


I have to confess, High Speed Rural are so much better than the other options locally, sooooooo much faster than my last broadband provider! Thank you so much! Do yourself a favour and switch!!


The installation, we did ourselves, and service is top notch! Thank You for providing these speeds in our area.
When the word gets out you are going to be so busy.


We own a Farm and decided to add the farm shop online, so we could sell things countrywide, just adding things on the website was near impossible, processing orders etc We needed a solution and found one in the shape of High Speed Rural, what a difference, we can literally do anything we need now, even the video we have promoting the Farm shop runs like a dream. I can’t thank these guys enough!